Pottery By Celia

Hello and thank you for viewing our information about the Maine Pottery Tour 2024.I have lived in Maine all of my life and since a young age have been drawn to working in clay.   My home and studio is located in Naples, Maine situated among lakes and forests.My work is a combination of wheel thrown, slab built, along with coil and pinch.   Most of my work is high fired porcelain and stoneware with much of it being inspired by nature (especially the birch textured).  Over the last few years I have also been firing in some low fire alternative methods including raku, pit fire, and horse hair.  There are just so many ways to have fun with clay!I will look forward to meeting those of you who can visit my studio and hope you enjoy the 2024 Maine Pottery Tour!

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(207) 239-5751

520 Sebago Road Naples, ME