Honey Bee Hill Ceramics

Drawing inspiration from the rich texture and color pallets of Maine between water, flora, and sky, I have sought to bring that vividness to my underglaze paintings, glaze recipes, and applications.

Coupled with a deep affinity for the diversity of Maine's wild nature, I hold two values in my work. First, that art is for everyone and should thus be made accessible in everyday life. Second, art can be found, made, and enjoyed in functional forms. Traditional paintings are beautiful but untouchable. My work is created with the intention of everyday use. Through fine and precise craft, I aim to make each piece an object that people enjoy interacting with, whether a mug that they relish using each morning or a lighting fixture made to brighten a room.

I take great care and pride in each item I produce, even more so when I see the joy on a customer's face when they hold my lightweight, but durable wares.

I wish to share handmade pottery with as many people as possible and yearn to create a happier world through sharing my craft and wares.

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(401) 578-2346

55 Mill St Rockport, ME