Tyler Gulden

My functional porcelain and stoneware pottery is finished in a gas fired kiln following the tradition of salt firing, combined with the contemporary practice of soda firing. The firing process involves introducing salt (specifically rock salt) and sodium carbonate (e.g. washing soda) into the kiln chamber, over several hours, at high temperature - 2200ยบ+ F - where they rapidly volitalize creating a sodium vapor atmosphere which forms a glaze on all surfaces within the kiln chamber, interacting with and influencing color and surface of glazed and unglazed surfaces of the pots.  The natural variation of the process is one of its greatest attractions to me, and offers seemingly endless possibilities for tinkering and experimentation. I welcome visitors of the tour to check out the kilns at my studio as well as the work for sale!

I am excited to host fellow Midcoast potter Autumn Cipala as a Guest Artist for this year's tour - learn more about Autumn's exceptional porcelain pottery here: https://www.autumncipala.com/

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45 Clarks Cove Rd Walpole, ME

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