Martha Grover and Joshua Rysted

The Pottery Studio was started by Martha Grover and Joshua Rysted in 2015. Both artists have their own studio practice while also teaching classes, workshops and seminars from the studio. Martha has been a professional potter since she finished her MFA in 2007. She creates thrown and altered porcelain pieces. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally, and can be found at galleries across the country. Joshua is a small batch potter who creates functional, wheel-thrown and slab-built pottery made one-at-a-time by hand. A transplant to Maine, Joshua hails from Montana where he formerly managed the retail store at the Archie Bray Foundation Clay Business. As of 2020, he started working for Skutt Ceramic Products providing technical kiln and firing support to customers worldwide.

The couple started The Pottery Studio in Bethel to house their own studio practices and then found that they wanted to share their love of clay with the community. In 2016 they began to teach classes from their space. The teaching program has grown in the years since to be a thriving part of the creative community in the Bethel area.

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