Fine Mess Pottery

Fine Mess Pottery: Putting the FUN back in functional!
Hi, I’m Lori Watts, the creative force behind Fine Mess Pottery. I like to make pots that will make your everyday rituals of preparing & eating food a little more joyful. Vibrant colors, cheery patterns, decoration inspired by gardens & wildlife.

My work is soda-fired, which means that when the kiln is nearing its hottest temperature, I spray in baking soda & soda ash. The heat of the kiln turns these into vapor, which then turns into a glaze on the surface of the pots. This makes the kiln an active participant in the firing, and introduces spontaneity and surprise into the process.

Thanks to all who came out to visit, listen to me bang on about the kiln & soda firing, and make this event a success! The Pottery Tour will be May 6th & 7th. Looking forward to it already!

All Fine Mess stoneware is leadfree and food safe, dishwasher safe & microwave safe. You can shop year round for Fine Mess Pottery at our online store

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