Delilah Pottery and Dominique Ostuni Ceramics

Sara Cox, owner of Delilah Pottery, has been making tableware for over 30 years. Her studio is located in the woods in Bowdoinham Maine. Sara’s work is inspired by the natural landscape, especially her extensive flower gardens. Sara works in porcelain and uses underglaze to decorate her work with detailed surface design.  She aspires to make pottery that is durable, one of a kind and aesthetically pleasing. Sara shares her studio with Dominique Ostuni.

Dominique Ostuni is a ceramicist, painter, and writer. Dominique’s work spans across multiple mediums but she tends to work mainly in porcelain tableware. The work is an ode to pleasure and desire, using words and illustrations to tell stories and secrets.

Contact This Studio

(207) 751-5010

468 Carding Machine Road Bowdoinham, ME